PYCA will hold two 1-week sessions of circus summer camp here in Phoenix's Coronado neighborhood in the gym at Emerson School (10th St and Palm Ln). Help a kid that doesn't have the resources for camp get their summer off to a fabulous start.

Help us send kids to circus camp this June. We'll pay it forward with smiles and juggles!


Why circus? Because it teach skills that build the mind, body, and self-esteem in children and youth of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Every kid finds something (or many things) in the world of circus arts that they love to learn and share with others.

Through the learning and performing of individual and group circus acts, students develop healthy bodies, confident spirits, and valuable capacities for cooperation and trust in a challenging, but non-competitive environment.

Circus is universally practiced around the world - it brings people together in a celebration of joy, unity, beauty, risk, and perseverance.

With your help, we can live up to our motto: "Everyone can join the circus!"